everyday moisturizer

The Elements Shield

Everyday Moisturizer for Men

A daily moisturizer that you won’t want to give up on, because it won’t give up on you. This light moisturizer helps keep your skin from looking overly shiny or oily.
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    Everyday Moisturizer


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    We found that many men did not know where to turn when it came to finding a simple, yet powerful, moisturizer. That’s why we deliver you one with some of science’s key ingredients.

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    Use every morning

    Your moisturizing solution after a morning shower or shave. This light cream helps lock in moisture to help you feel comfortable in your skin all day.

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    How does it shield?

    Formulated with hyaluronic acid, a natural agent that holds more than 1000 x its weight in water. What else works that hard for you?

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    How does it moisturize?

    Shea butter! When used on skin, can help you get that au naturel glow.

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