Hims Cologne

Small Batch Scent

This is how Hims does cologne. Inspired by the scent, scene, and rhythm of Havana, our limited edition men’s fragrance is a breath of adventure that you and your partner will love.
1.7 fl oz
Day to night fragrance
Perfect for gifting

the scent of havana

cologne is like wine—you don't need to be an expert to enjoy it

top notes

pink peppercorn
These lively and spicy floral notes will transport you to the bustling agromercados of Havana, where locals buy their fresh produce

mid notes

salty ocean air
Inspired by the feeling of ocean mist spraying your face as you meander along the Malecón, the local-favorite seawall where the waves meet the city

base notes

tobacco + leather
Reminiscent of the toasted notes that hang in the air as you walk past hand-rolled cigars, and the lure of vintage leather-bound books as you shop in Plaza de Armas