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hey there, welcome to hims.

we’re your one-stop shop for accessing advice, medical care, and products for everything from hair loss and erectile dysfunction, to acne and other issues guys face.

hims was built by real people, who were tired of feeling confused or abandoned by the healthcare system. but we knew we couldn’t do it alone. so we brought in some of the smartest medical experts around to help. we have advisors from Stanford and Harvard, who lead departments and research on the topics we help you with: like hair loss, sexual wellness, and skincare. but more than that, we’re a group of humans who felt passionately about putting that information in the hands of guys like you, giving you access to high quality medical care and helping you get products based in science. products that look, smell, and feel great, but that actually work. our goal is to put the best of what science and doctors have to offer right at your fingertips.

it’s not hard to understand why people avoid going to the doctor. it can take weeks to make an appointment, it can be uncomfortable to talk about certain health issues in person, and for the average person—it runs you over $100. not ideal.

at hims, we connect you with medical professionals who are licensed in your state (who you can contact whenever and wherever you are comfortable), we help send products prescribed by those medical professionals directly to your door so you can skip the pharmacy lines, and we do it all at a price that you won’t find insulting.

the point of it all—and the message that’s most important to us—is helping you to understand that having an issue isn’t weird. Not dealing with it is weird.

that is hims.

reach out with any questions. we're excited for you.