Feel like you again

Start feeling better with personalized mental health treatment

Licensed psychiatry providers

Evidence-backed medicine

Personalized treatment plan

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what people are saying

“This was the best experience I have had with a mental health professional in my life. My experience with Hims & Hers has made me realize that I'm not alone, there's help available, and because of that I feel much better.”

- Charles

“My winter blues are finally gone! I've been more productive at work, more engaged with friends, and feel more 'myself'."

- Mark

“I am much happier as a person, I’m a better father to my family and a better husband to my wife.”

- Mike

What you'll get

Personalized, evidence-backed treatment is closer than you think


Online psychiatric evaluation

Consult via video chat with an online psychiatry provider, who will evaluate you and assess whether medication is appropriate


Ongoing check-ins and medication management

A couple of weeks after your first appointment, you’ll have your first follow-up to evaluate whether your treatment plan is working


Discreet shipping to your door

If prescribed, your medication will be shipped to your door in low-key packaging

In this together

Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to help

Sometimes you have a stressful week and sometimes it’s more than that. With guidance from expert psychiatry providers, you can make sense of it.

Trouble sleeping
Trouble focusing
Trouble motivating
Increased irritability

What it costs

Quality mental health care that’s affordable. Finally.

Medication & check-ins
If prescribed, this includes the cost of your monthly medication, free shipping directly to your door, and ongoing provider check-ins.
Cancel anytime.

Getting the right help should be simple. So we made it that way.

telepsychiatry visit through HimsHims
In-person psychiatrist visitIn-person
No searching for a psychiatrist
No waiting rooms
Save time driving to the office
A completely digital experience

How it works

Getting started is easy

Step 01

Answer some non-scary questions

Tell us about how you’re feeling and your medical information.

Step 02

Book your video call

If you’re a candidate for treatment, find an available slot that works for your schedule, as early as today.

Step 03

Connect with an expert

We’ll match you with a psychiatry provider to evaluate your needs and come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Step 04

Check in regularly

If medication is prescribed, your provider will guide you along the way. You’ll work with them to monitor improvement, answer questions, and make sure treatment is effective.

Holistic care

Comprehensive mental health services all in one place

After talking to 1,300 customers about their experience with mental health care, we learned two things: people want access to different formats—without multiple accounts—and options that fit a range of budgets.

Online Incognito Support Groups

  • Free sessions on popular topics
  • Effective strategies from licensed professionals
  • Option to keep camera off or only use chat

Guided Exercises

  • Free to use
  • Short and on-demand
  • Developed by licensed therapists

Individual Therapy Coming Soon

  • Personalized treatment plans
  • No in-person office visits
  • Fits with your schedule