30-40% of guys
experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives

From desensitizing spray to prescription medications, Hims offers a variety of options designed to help you last as long as you—and your partner—want.

Discuss treatments
with an expert

Step 1

Start with some questions

Begin the process on your own by answering some simple questions about what’s going on, your health, and treatment preferences.

Step 2

Discuss with a licensed provider in private

We’ll match you with a licensed medical provider who will review your info and can work with you to determine if doctor-trusted medication is right for you.

Step 3

Get meds shipped free + discreetly, if prescribed

If prescribed, your medication will ship to you for free in low-key packaging. No trips to the pharmacy required.

Fine-tune your throttle & treat PE

Choose your preference on how your treatment works and how often you take it

Taken to be
ready whenever, wherever


Taken when the
time is right


Taken when the
time is right

Results + Convenience = Hims

Licensed experts

Get matched with a medical provider licensed in your state. They’ll help evaluate your needs and answer any questions you have.

Doctor-trusted pills

Hims only provides access to quality medication, so you have trusted options regardless of preferences.

Trusted suppliers

Hims only works with pharmacies who provide quality medication from verified suppliers to ensure your pills are genuine and effective.

Millions of consultations*
& counting

Hims & Hers’ telehealth platform have powered millions of online medical consultations

* Defined as the creation of a consultation ID in the medical review system