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Your Healthcare Should be Black and White

When it comes to health and wellness, not all answers are created equal. We want to help you find the answers you need based on science and medicine. Our singular mission at hims and hers is to remove and eliminate stigmas around health and wellness and break down barriers when ...


A Guide To Transgender Friendly Clinics by Region

Hims and Hers were founded with the goal of getting more people to be open and honest about their health. For too long there has been a stigma around talking about fairly common issues. But unfortunately, it can be difficult for marginalized communities to access the health resources and information ...


Blood Pressure 101: What You Need to Know

You wouldn’t start a road trip without knowing how much gas you had in your car, or how long it had been since you had the oil changed. But when’s the last time you checked in on your blood pressure? Maybe you’re in your 20s or 30s (or even 40s) ...


Men’s Skin Care Regimen for Guys In a Hurry

3 Steps and Less Than 5 Minutes to Healthier Skin We get it, you’re busy. Everyone is these days. And though “busy” can’t be a valid excuse for everything good for you that you decide to skip out on, it can motivate you to find speedier, more efficient methods for ...


A Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care for Men

If you wear out your hip, the marvels of modern medicine say you can get a new one. Your knee too. A lot of old folks do. But your skin can’t be replaced, and any attempts to correct your skin care mistakes with surgery could lead to very unnatural (and ...


The Average Penis and Erection Size: Real Data

Worried about your penis size? Relax, you’re not alone. At some point, just about every guy has wondered how their penis stacks up compared to the average. Like many aspects of sex and anatomy, penis size is a subject that creates distorted perceptions of what’s “normal.” Most studies of penis ...


The Early Signs of Balding and How to Stop Them

Like most signs of aging, male pattern baldness doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, for most men, going bald is a long and slow process that can take anywhere from a few short years to several decades. One of the keys to stopping hair loss is noticing the signs of baldness ...