The hims Ultimate Turn-Ons Bracket: Final Results

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Last updated 4/30/2019

An individual’s turn-ons are practically as unique to him or her as a fingerprint. What gets one person going may not even faze someone else, and vice versa. Perhaps you’re more stimulated by acts of physical touch. Or maybe it's an intellectually stimulating conversation that puts you in the mood for romance.

Whatever your tastes may be, we decided to set out and explore the most popular turn-ons amongst our followers in the first-ever hims Ultimate Turn-Ons Bracket Challenge. After gathering the data, we’re here to report our findings. Read on to find out which turn-ons reigned supreme in 2019!

Category 1: Physical Stimulation

Our bracket began with four different types of stimuli spread out over four categories: Physical Stimulation, Sensory Stimulation, Actionable Stimulation and Emotional Stimulation. In the physical arena, we kicked off Round 1 with Neck Kisses, Hand Holding, Massages and Hair Play.

Evidently, our followers far prefer the sensation of a partner’s lips on their neck to a hand hold, because Neck Kisses crushed Hand Holding with a whopping 413 votes, compared to a measly one hundred twenty-three. Meanwhile, we saw a pretty even split between Massages and Hair Play, with Massages just barely taking the win with 52 percent of the vote.

As we moved into our top eight, we found out that most hims users would prefer their partner to be a neck kisser rather than a masseuse, as Neck Kissing ran away with 77 percent of the Round 2 Physical Stimulation vote to become the category champ.

Ultimately, Neck Kissing became the overall winner, eking out a bracket victory with 52 percent of the final vote.

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Category 2: Sensory Stimulation

Over in the Sensory Stimulation category, our initial contenders were Sexting, Your Partner’s Scent, Lip Biting and Eye Contact. Round 1 proved that the smell of one’s partner (64 percent) was generally more appealing than a steamy texting conversation (36 percent), while most hims users would rather feel a playful lip tug (63 percent) over some sensual eye contact (37 percent).

The competition heated up in Round 2, where Lip Biting remained victorious over Your Partner’s Scent, with 167 votes compared to one hundred twenty. However, the Sensory Stimulation category was ultimately defeated by Neck Kisses 207-106 before it could make its way to the championship.

Category 3: Actionable Stimulation

Round 1 started strong in the Actionable Stimulation category with the following competitors: Good With Kids, Cleans The House, Charitable and Spontaneous. Spontaneity mopped the floor with 70 percent of the vote, compared to the 30 percent claimed by acts of charity in Round 1. However, the competition between being Good with Kids and Cleaning the House without having to be told was much fiercer: 51 percent would prefer their partner to have a maternal or paternal side to them, while 49 percent would rather come home to a clean home.

In Round 2, Spontaneity proved to be a powerful force among our audience, walking away with 158 votes in comparison to the 87 votes cast by those whose hearts swell at the sight of their partner playing with kids.

In the end, Spontaneity’s road to the championship came to an early end when it went up against the Emotional category and only managed to clinch 30 percent of the vote.

Category 4: Emotional Stimulation

The category of Emotional Stimulation had a diverse field of candidates from the get-go, with Hard To Get, Makes You Laugh, Confidence and Vulnerability facing off against each other in Round 1. Hard To Get proved to be a highly unpopular turn-on, coming away with just 30 votes in the first round, compared to a partner’s ability to make your sides hurt. Confidence was shown to be a more popular trait than the ability to be vulnerable with one’s partner, taking the W in this round with 65 percent of the votes.

A compatible sense of humor became the champion of the Emotional category in Round 2, with exactly twice the amount of votes received by those who love a confident partner. Following this, Laughter claimed a resounding victory over Spontaneity with 70 percent of the vote. In the end, though, even the most powerful belly laugh can’t contend with a good smooch on the collarbone, as it ultimately lost out to Neck Kisses in a tense final round.

How did the hims Bracket Challenge stack up to hers?

When looking at the results of the Bracket Challenge from our sister site, hers, there are an astounding number of parallels. For the most part, the winners in each round and category are the same, but there are just a few notable differences.

For instance, hers users are more likely to be turned on by the scent of their partner than by a bitten lip, contrary to the Round 2 hims winner in the same category. In fact, the competition really wasn’t even close here; Your Partner’s Scent won soundly with 64 percent of the vote.

Our hers audience apparently also prizes a partner who can prove their adeptness with children over one who’ll sweep them off their feet with a spontaneous gesture, as they also showed us in Round 2. Interestingly, though, this round was incredibly close, with Good With Kids winning by literally just one more vote.

The most glaring difference between the hims and hers Bracket Challenges are the final champions. Whereas Neck Kisses excite hims users more than a funny partner, 53 percent of our hers responders told us that they get more turned on by a partner who knows how to make them laugh.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not your preferred turn-ons were victorious in this Bracket Challenge, our results proved that there are probably lots of other people who enjoy the things you do as well—well, except for maybe playing Hard To Get. Curiously, on both our hims and hers Brackets, that turn-on lost with less than 10 percent of the vote.

As we previously stated, what makes one person tick might do absolutely nothing for someone else. The fascinating thing about turn-ons is that they vary wildly from person to person. But if you’re looking to get your partner in the mood, try appealing to their funny bone or giving them a kiss on the neck; our survey says that you probably can’t go wrong either way.  

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