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The Best Men's Skin Care Routine for Fall

Kristin Hall, FNP

Medically reviewed by Kristin Hall, FNP

Written by Our Editorial Team

Last updated 2/11/2021

By the time fall rolls around, we begin to notice a change in the weather. The days become shorter, the nights get cooler, and there’s a little less moisture in the air than before. Fall is a great time for outdoor activities. 

The summer heat has gone away, leaving us with a couple of months of enjoyable jacket weather before the winter cold sets in.

Fall is also a great transitional period for your skin. It’s the time when you should be moisturizing and recovering from any sun damage you’ve experienced during the summer (and if you didn’t wear sunscreen, you really ought to) while also preparing your skin for the dry winter months.

Best Men's Skin Care Routine Tips for Fall

Switch from Soap to Body Wash

Bar soap and shower gels may smell nice, but most of them aren’t doing any favors for your dry skin. In the spring and summer, you might get away with washing your skin with a basic type of soap. 

But as soon as the temperature drops and the air gets dry, your skin is going to quickly become dehydrated – and that can become very uncomfortable.

Fall is a good time to start using creamy body washes with moisturizing properties. You may want to also think about getting an oil-based scrub to exfoliate as well, especially at the beginning of the season so that you start fall with skin feeling soft and revitalized.

Start Using Skin Cream

If you’ve not noticed, skin creams tend to be a little thicker than lotions, which can act as a barrier against wind and dry air. Moreover, most skin creams are loaded with antioxidants and B, C, and E vitamins that become absorbed by your skin, effectively nourishing it. 

Skin creams are also good at helping prevent water loss, which further increases your fight against dehydration.

Now’s a good time to also start using face cream as well. While the research behind them actually reversing the effects of aging is sketchy at best, they are chocked full of various vitamins and minerals that keep your skin hydrated while helping you keep a healthy glow throughout the autumn months.

Just remember when shopping around for face and body creams to look for brands that have built-in protection against the sun.

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Keep Wearing Sunscreen

Just because the sun isn’t as intense in fall as it was in spring and summer doesn’t mean that you’re magically protected from its rays – especially if you’re someone with fair skin. 

Continue to apply sunscreen before you go outdoors for extended periods of time and stick to SPF 30 or higher. 

You also want to make sure that your sunscreen provides you with broad spectrum SPF, meaning that your skin is shielded from both forms of UV rays.

Start Wearing Lip Balm with SPF 

Don’t neglect your lips during the colder months – get some lip balm or chapstick to keep them hydrated and protected during fall and winter. After all, there are only a few things that are more uncomfortable than a pair of chapped lips. 

And remember, there are tons of lip balms out there that are unisex or designed specifically for men – just look for one that doesn’t add a shiny layer to your lips.

Get a Good Hand Cream

Good hand cream is something that every guy should have. For starters, your partner will probably appreciate the fact that you have softer, gentler hands. 

But more importantly, dry hands can crack open, creating sores and causing you a lot of unnecessary pain. 

And if you’re a guy who works with your hands, you already know how chapped and blistered hands can make your day-to-day tasks much more difficult and uncomfortable.

If you want to keep your hands healthy and protected from the elements, keep a small bottle of hand cream on hand at all times. You can stick it in your car’s glove box, carry it in your bag or briefcase, or place it on your desk at work. 

Just have it accessible so that you can moisturize your hands when they start becoming dry and uncomfortable.

Keep It Simple to Have Healthy Skin

For the most part, fall is a relatively moderate season until you start getting closer to winter. For most guys, this means that we don’t have to spend a lot of time pampering our skin. 

A little bit of basic skin care in the form of lotions and creams will go a long way in strengthening your skin so that you’re able to withstand the harsher winter months without any issues.

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