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The Best Candles for Your Bachelor Pad

When furnishing a new place, there are a lot of things you’re going to look at. We’re talking couches, chairs, rugs, paintings, plants—the whole shabang. And hey, we’re sure you’re going to do a great job. What was once a boring fourth-floor studio will be a righteous bachelor pad worthy of its own Pinterest board. But one thing you’re probably not considering is smell. Unlike cars, apartments don’t come with a nice new smell.

What’s our point? Candles, fellas. Candles. Laugh all you want, but a good candle can completely turn your temporary storage into a real-deal home. After all, smell is typically the first thing people notice when entering somewhere new. If your apartment smells like grandma or old books, it doesn’t matter what kind of couch you have or how big your TV is.

Luckily, there are a lot of cool companies out there making some incredible candles. Here are 7 Candles For Your Bachelor Pad:

Good + Well Supply Co.—DUSK

Good + Well was founded by Megan McLaughlin who, according to the Good + Well website, answered the call of wanderlust and embarked on a journey through America’s majestic landscape in order to rediscover the beauty of what makes this country so great.

Good + Well is the result of months spent living out of a tent throughout the U.S.’s national parks and public lands.

All the scents and sights she experienced served as inspiration for all the scents Good + Well puts out, including an entire line dedicated specifically to some of the country’s largest national parks.

However, our favorite scent of theirs is Dusk. It’s a careful mix of lavender and myrrh, which lends itself to a sweet and herbal undertone, with a nice undercurrent of vanilla that comes on slow but has some real staying power. This isn’t your average candle.

Good + Well candles are all hand-poured in Seattle, Washington, and made using eco- and animal-friendly materials, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Prospector Co.—Cavern Moss Flame

Prospector Co. actually started its life in 2010 as a simple collection of no bull-shit men’s grooming products, with the goal of making men’s daily routines more purposeful and nostalgic. At some point, they branched into the candles business, and damn are we glad.

Their Cavern Moss Flame scent is supposed to represent the smells of Savannah Georgia. You’ll find notes of dampened pine with a nice floral finish, and each of these candles are hand-poured with pure essential oils and other quality fragrances, then mixed into an eco-friendly vegetable wax blend.


Circle 21—Trophy Room

Have you ever walked into an old office? The den library with the rich stained mahogany and the leather chairs and the massive presidential desk? The kind of stuff you’d find in a country club or your great uncle’s old-ass house on Cape Cod? Yeah, that’s this candle.

Trophy Room features real strong wood tones like cedar, oak and classic mahogany, with a clean lavender and geranium finish to remind you that no matter where you are, this is still a candle. It’s fragrant in all the right ways, and it’ll get you in the mood to kick back and read A Moveable Feast for the third time in your life.

It’s the kind of candle that smells like gentlemanly distinction. If that’s your speed, this one’s yours.


P.F. Candle Co.—Western Red Cedar

If you ask “candle people” what their favorite candle company is, odds are you won’t stop hearing good things about P.F. Candle Co. And for good reason.

Literally all of their candles smell unbelievable, but the Western Red Cedar is a new one from their popular Terra collection, which is made using all-natural botanical scents and plant-derived fragrances.

Think of a long hike among the towering redwoods in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Cedar, sage, a little coriander and even some black pepper tossed into the mix to keep the Patagonia hippies at bay. If you’re an outdoorsman waiting for your shot to get back on the trail this spring, this candle will take you straight up into the mountains where you belong.


Brooklyn Candle Studio—Santal Minimalist Candle

Listen… We know hearing a name like “Brooklyn Candle Studio” and “Minimalist Candle” all in one title might give you a case of the cringies, but we seriously swear by these things.

Their website copy describes them as “sultry masculine,” which we aren’t really sure we understand, but they’re spot on with their scent notes: A really light cypress smell that hovers over solid pine and cedar, with a strong foundation of warm sandalwood. We keep one of these things in our home at all times.

These candles are all hand-poured right in Brooklyn and made using 100% American-grown soy beans. They’re eco-friendly, they burn clean and they look as beautiful as they smell. What can we say, guys? We’re nerds for thoughtful product.


Wax & Wick—Espresso

Not everyone is a big outdoorsman who wants their apartment to smell like a pine-lined trail or a rich mahogany den. We get it.

And that’s where the folks from Wax & Wick come in. These candles are all microbatched out of Chicago, Illinois, and feature hand-poured undyed soy wax with double wood wicks.

Most importantly, their scents are… Immaculate. We don’t know if that word works here, but it’s really the only one we can think of to describe how these little 12-ounce jars make us feel.

Their Espresso candle is no exception. It smells like delicious dark roasted coffee and chocolate. It’s the kind of scent you’ll smell and immediately want to buckle down and get shit done to—right after you’re done smiling, that is.


Homesick Candles

This one is more of a bonus for the list because we really appreciate what the folks at Homesick do. There’s no “best” candle to choose from here, because every single one they make is designed for a different person.

Essentially, the goal here is to bring people home. The Homesick team carefully and meticulously design their scents using the best all-natural ingredients to make it happen. It was founded by a couple people who started making candles in their kitchen they hoped would smell like—and remind them of—the places they grew up.

They have candles for different countries, different states and even different cities. And before you ask, no, New Jersey’s doesn’t smell like an armpit. It smells like candy apples and fresh ocean air. Give it a damn rest, guys.


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