The 8 Best Men's Jackets for Spring

The 8 Best Men's Jackets for Spring

Gentlemen, spring is finally here, and while we’re definitely excited for the warmer afternoons and the start of grillin’ season, we all need to keep in mind that we’re not in the clear just yet. Those 75-degree-and-sunny afternoons on patio of your favorite dive can quickly turn into an unbearably chilly 50-something degree night by the campfire. The point is, you need to be prepared, and the best way to do that is with a good jacket.

Picking a spring jacket is tough, because aside from wearing something that looks good, it also has to be light enough to carry around or keep in your bag, but heavy enough to keep you warm on those breezy spring nights.

Luckily, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. Here are our favorite jackets for spring:

Levi’s Trucker Jacket--$89.99

Sherpa-lined jackets became a men’s style staple this past winter, so we suspect spring will see a large continuation of last year’s Levi’s Trucker Jacket comeback. Personally, we’re down with some denim on denim action, and think the classic Trucker Jacket is an essential to every man’s wardrobe.

Denim is a relatively light fabric that’ll serve well during those cool-ish spring evenings, and can be layered over a hoodie if things go from cool-ish to chilly. It’s also light enough to carry around during the day without getting cumbersome, or worn with a t-shirt without getting too hot.

Baracuta Classic Harrington Jacket--$390.00

If you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with the Harrington style, do yourself a favor and do some quality Googling. Popularized in 1930s by brands like Grenfell and, our personal favorite, Baracuta, the Harrington is a light-weight, waist-length coat, usually made of breathable wool, polyester or cotton. They can be worn to the office over a button-down, or worn out to the bar on a Friday night. Their classic two-button collars give them a casual look, but their general appearance doesn’t lend itself to shabbiness. They were popularized by some of the greats like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, and they’re still a men’s staple today.

Filson Short-Lined Cruiser--$350.00

What could we possibly say about Filson that you haven’t already heard? We’re huge fans of anything they make, but their Short-Lined Cruiser is our ideal spring jacket—even though their product copy says it’s best in cold, wet weather (What the hell do they know, right?). The Tin Cloth shell is abrasion-resistant, which means it can take a beating. And it’s also oil-finished, which makes it exceptionally wind and water repellent. The jacket comes with a Cover Cloth lining, which provides a light insulation that’s also breathable, and a hip-length hem makes the jacket flexible and breathable in any weather. If you’re looking something that’ll stay looking good, can take whatever you throw at it and also keep you from getting soaked on those damp spring afternoons, this is your huckleberry.

Duluth Shoreman’s Windproof Fleece Jacket--$49.99

The problem with spring is that it’s painfully unpredictable most of the time. Is this a jacket we could see ourselves carrying around during those 75 degree days? Hell no. Absolutely not. But what about when the temperatures dip into the low ‘50s at night? Ugh. When it comes to the cold rainy stuff, we’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared, and that’s exactly why we’re huge fans of Duluth Trading Co.’s  Shoreman’s Windproof Fleece Jacket. It’s not quite a bonafide “jacket,” but we’re playing the technicality on this one because we’re also not technically shoremen, either. The three-layer construction features fleece on the outside and inside, and sandwiched between them is a water-resistant “membrane” that’s certified windproof. It also features a storm flap, a cordlock waist, and armpit gussets to help keep this bulk-free jacket free-moving. Say that ten times fast. It’s rated to keep you warm in temperatures below freezing, but won’t sweat you out when nature decides to get weird on those cold spring nights.

Best Made Co. Light Waxed Cruiser--$348.00

This is the perfect spring jacket. Lightweight British Millerain waxed cotton means it’s light enough to use over some layers or just throw on over a t-shirt or button-down, but sufficiently water-resistant enough to keep dry when the unpredictable tides of spring take a turn for worse. It’s also incredibly well designed (and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.), and features an English moleskin collar, pockets and trim; reinforced brass shanks; a locker hang loop; and six pockets. It’s a little spendy at $348, but if you know anything about Best Made Co.’s gear, you know it’s made to last a lifetime. No, like, this jacket will literally outlive you.

Best Made Co. Olive Drab Reinforced Thermal Jacket--$268.00

This jacket was made specifically with spring in mind, and features a woven outer shell to help keep you warm and dry during those spring storms, along with a thermal lining to help insulate and protect from the cold on those insufferably cold nights when a flannel or hoodie just won’t work. Best Made Co.’s Reinforced Thermal Jacket features a drawstring hood, and heavy ribbed cuffs and waistband for extra protection and insulation, and you’ll also notice the forearms come lined with an extra panel of shell material to keep this jacket rugged and ready for action for years to come. While the shell material is sourced in Japan, the jacket is made—and tested—right in New York City.

Alpha Industries Ma-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket--$150.00

Bombers and flight jackets have been spring and autumn fashion staples for decades at this point, and of them, Alpha Industries is the one and only original. Their classic Ma-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket features a light nylon shell and lining, with a light and breathable polyester fill. It also features Ottoman knit cuffs, and a ribbed knit collar and waistband to help keep the cold stuff out and the warm stuff in. It’s also a particularly light jacket, which makes it easy to carry around or tie around your waist. Also, for what it’s worth, this jacket is completely reversible, just in case you feel like switching things up every once in a while.

Caine Leather Tan Suede Western Jacket--$260.85

Western jackets are some of our absolute favorites, and this suede western jacket from Caine Leather Jackets & Bags is a perfect example of an American classic. This one is made from light brown high-grade goat suede and features brass riveted buttons, two working chest pockets, jetted side pockets, a thin shirt-style collar, and buttoned gauntlet cuffs. This jacket looks like the real deal because it is the real deal, and it’s one of the best examples of a classic American Western jacket we’ve ever seen.

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