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Two Minute Warning: Which NFL Fans Last the Longest During Sex?

We recently compared the average penis size of countries qualified for the World Cup, the largest international men’s football (soccer) tournament. Now it’s time for American football season to kick off for NFL fans.

Beyond points and yards, time is an important statistic in the NFL– for players and for fans.

For teams, every second of play can mean the difference between winning a ring from the Big Game or not. Atlanta fans know this almost too well because of New England’s literal last-second victory in 2017.

For fans, a typical game lasts over 3 hours, but there’s only 11 minutes of actual game play according to the . Even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks the games are too long for fans and is trying to make the games shorter for today’s Netflix-skip-intro-button viewers.

At hims, we’re also concerned with how many minutes of actual play the fans are getting– but we don’t mean football.

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Sex Stamina of NFL Fans

Recently, we examined data to learn how long each NFL teams' fan base is lasting in bed. We studied how many minutes people are spending between the sheets by state, and mapped that to each state’s preferred football team.

The results were… let’s just say... a few yards short. With only 11 minutes of play in the game, Cincinnati fans can get it on and still catch the remaining 8 minutes and 43 seconds of action!

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Detroit fans come out on top with the best sex stamina, and experts predict they’re the team that will go all the way to the Big Game. Their team may not have the shiny winners’ ring yet, but if the players perform on the field as well as their fans do in bed, then it’s a done deal.  

Cincy fans had the lowest stamina, followed by their northern neighbors in Cleveland. Cleveland just experienced “the perfect season” going 0-16 in 2017, and their fans are right there with the players, lasting 2 minutes and 18 seconds in bed.

Remember New England’s last-second comeback over Atlanta we mentioned above? Turns out New England fans are the real MVPs, lasting a full second longer in bed too. Atlanta fans last for 2 minutes and 36 seconds while New England fans last 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Salt in the wound for Atlanta.

Super Bowl LIII

The 2:37 for NE fans and 2:38 for LA fans points to a very close match-up. We'll all be on the edge of our seats to see which team has the stamina to go the distance.

How to Improve Your Sexual Stamina

For each person or couple, stamina can mean different things, and lasting a long time doesn’t equate to great sex. Short but satisfying sessions can be a good thing for many people––looking at you, NFL fans on the lower end of the chart!

If you’re looking to improve your stamina, first examine your overall health. Make sure you’re exercising regularly, eating well, and getting plenty of rest. Consider your stress levels too. Stress and mental illness can play a big role in messing with your sexual confidence.

Lastly, if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction there are ED prescription treatments like sildenafil that can help. Sexual dysfunction is more common than people realize and there are plenty of options available to help if you’re suffering from fumbles and false starts in the bedroom.

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This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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