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It’s Nice to be Naughty: How the Holidays Affect Your Sex Life

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, Christmas songs are playing over the speakers in stores and Karen in accounting has been planning the company potluck and Secret Santa exchange for… probably longer than she’s willing to admit.

The season of giving is upon us now, which means shopping, parties, traveling, and the gift that keeps on giving: stress. One great way to beat some of the stress of the season? Sex, of course!

With a long list of holiday to-dos, finding time to get busy with your partner may seem low on the priority scale, but statistics show the opposite is true––people are actually having more sex around the holidays!

September Babies Are Christmas Babies

One major indicator of the holidays really bringing cheer to couples is the fact that more babies are conceived in December than any other month. September 16th is the most common birth date, meaning Virgos were conceived around the holidays––probably after their parents stayed up late one night to wrap gifts and then unwrap each other.

Wrap It Up! And Not Just the Presents

On the other hand, there are many of you who are dashing through the snow to get to a bedroom, but aren’t looking to give the gift of life just yet. Research shows that condom sales spike around the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’re not ready to contribute to the September baby boom, then wrap it up, gents!

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Having a Not-so-Silent Night

The Christmas lights, decorations, and the uptick in eating and drinking can all lead to warm and intimate feelings between you and your partner. Keep Christmas sex spicy by using the season to your advantage. Have fun role playing with your Christmas party Santa hats or play strip dreidel. PornHub’s Insights data proves that people want to be on the naughty list, with “Santa” related searches increasing 447% over the holidays.

Be careful while you’re being naughty, too! Data shows that sex-related penile trauma cases increase in December.

Home for the Holidays? Ways to Get It On While Staying With Your Folks

Visiting relatives for the holidays can definitely be a wet Yule log on your burning desires, but don’t let it stop you from taking the dirty sleigh ride you want. If you’re staying in your own room together, check the lock and use it. Or opt for a hotel room for a classic solution that’ll give you privacy and sanity.

Sex during the holidays doesn’t have to be an hours-long lovemaking marathon either. Sneak in a quickie while you’re getting dressed for the day or before dinner. There’s always the option to have a late night session on Christmas Eve — just blame any clatter on reindeer hooves hitting the roof. We’ll believe you.

Give Gifts That Keep on Giving This Holiday Season

Make a sexy gift list for your partner’s eyes only — sorry, Santa. If you need more than Santa hats to get into role playing, gift each other some holiday-themed lingerie. Add to the scene by giving scented candles, warming lubricant, or massage oils. And who says adults can’t get toys on Christmas? Data shows that a quarter of couples use sex toys during the holidays, so go ahead and give the gift of play!

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