8 Men's Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

8 Men's Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Are you struggling to stay up to date with the latest information about men’s lifestyle? If you’re still relying on your favorite men’s magazine to keep you informed about men’s health and fashion, you’re already late to the game. In this day and age, it’s important to get some of your information from the source: the trendiest personalities on the internet. And there’s no better way to do that than through Instagram.

If you’re not on Instagram already, hurry and sign up so you can follow some of these must-see personalities.

1. Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster)

While Nick specializes in men’s fashion, he covers everything from traveling to exercising and staying healthy. When it comes to putting together a wardrobe for every type of situation, from business wear to smart casual, Nick’s got you covered. His Instagram account is filled with stylish outfits and must-have gear that’s great for every man out there.

2. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

If there’s one thing you can say about Adam Gallagher, it’s that he sure knows how to take vintage style and give it a millennial twist. If you want to know how to turn your business casual wardrobe into the hottest, most stylish collection of clothes possible, Adam’s your guy.

3. Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell)

As a style editor for the British version of GQ magazine, Nick Carvell is kind of a big deal. This award-winning blogger brings out the best of British style and elegance. Nick’s Instagram page is known for its cutting edge fashion advice and styling tips, and is also a great place to find inspiration for modern and classic fashion trends. An as an added bonus, his pictures are excellent quality and really bring out the style and architecture around him.

4. Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas)

Matthew Zorpas is the brainchild over at The Gentleman Blogger. But more importantly, he has set himself up as one of the premier voices in men’s style and fashion. His Instagram profile is filled with photos of perfectly tailored suits and some incredible travel photos. Along the way, you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of some of the hottest men’s merchandise, including grooming products and stylish clothes.

5. Bruce Pask (@brucepask)

Bruce Pask is no stranger to style. This men’s fashion director travels the world in search of the hottest, most exciting men’s apparel. Everything from contemporary style to exciting, off-the-wall designs are fair game for Bruce. Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your existing wardrobe or explore completely new styles, Brush has got you covered.

6. Chris John Millington (@chrisjohnmillington)

Chris got big being known as the stylish guy with a long beard and tattoos. While the beard has since been trimmed down significantly, his fashion sense is as strong as ever. Chris does a great job showing how your standard casual wear, when paired with a stylish haircut and some killer accessories, is all you need to stay looking razor sharp.

7. Derek Blasberg (@derekblasberg)

The best thing about Derek Blasberg is that he brings a down-to-earth approach to men’s lifestyle. Despite being an acclaimed writer for a number of different fashion publications, including Vanity Fair and CNN Style, Derek’s Instagram page is far from unrealistic. He comes across more like the stylish friend that everyone has, except his social media is also filled with amazing travel photos and fashion tips ranging from the contemporary to the artistic and wild.

8. Ranier Jonn (@thedressedchest)

Just like Rainier Jonn’s username suggests, you won’t be getting much aside from chest shots when you visit this Instagram page. But what you will get is some to the top fashion advice when it comes to shirts, jackets, ties, and pocket squares. In fact, Rainier runs his own website dedicated to helping men look their sharpest, and his Instagram is testament to the fact that he knows his stuff when it comes to jackets, shirts, and tie combos.

These are eight of the hottest men’s lifestyle personalities on Instagram. Be sure to follow them and subscribe or check them out from time to time so that you can stay on top what’s trending in the world of men’s fashion. Also, be sure to check our blog periodically as well to stay current with everything men related. From style to hair care, we’ve got all of your bases covered. You’re also welcome to email one of our friendly Clubroom experts with any questions you have regarding men’s lifestyle. We’re happy to help you out in any way.

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