The 6 Best Destinations For Your Buddy’s Bachelor Party

Listen, fellas. Now is not the time to start crying. Your friend — and if you’re Googling, “Best Bachelor Party Destinations” he’s probably your best friend — is tying the knot. Come hell or high water, your boy is on his way to greener pastures. Take a moment to be happy for him and remember all the good times you’ve shared together.

… And when you’re done with that sappy sad trip down memory lane, focus on what comes next: His final night/weekend/week as a “free man.”

The bachelor party is a rite of passage for every man about to tie the knot, and as his best man, it’s your job to ensure that his final night is one he won’t ever forget (or one he’ll suppress as quickly as possible). Don’t be the friend who takes his buddy out to the batting cages or a Hooters somewhere. If you’re going to do the damn thing, do it right!

Here are the 6 Best Destinations For Your Buddy’s Bachelor Party

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Yes, we’ve all seen The Hangover, but it’s important to understand that while Sin City will definitely provide you with as much trouble as you’re looking for, it also understands boundaries and limits. 

There are a ton of excellent casinos and hotels on the strip, and nothing worth doing is too far out of reach. You can play golf during the day, get your gamble on before dinner and head out to any of The Strip’s literal grab bag of clubs, bars and lounges at night. 

Vegas has enough action every single night of the week that you’ll never get bored, and you can also do everything from head on out to a pool party at the various day clubs on The Strip, check out a high-dollar steakhouse or whiskey bar, go shoot guns in the desert, do a little rock climbing out in Red Rock... It honestly doesn’t matter what kind of guy your friend is or what his interests include. He’ll have the time of his life in Las Vegas

Nashville, Tennessee

Even though this place is considered “The Bachelorette Party Capital Of The World,” we also think it’s an excellent pick for a bachelor party. 

Known not-so-affectionately by tourists as “Nashvegas,” the city’s Broadway section is where all the action is. Bar after bar after bar of open-air honky-tonk goodness,  excellent food and wild street antics. We were out here for a few days last month and wound up heading down to Broadway on both Friday and Saturday night without getting bored. 

Nashville is also a huge foodie destination, primarily if you’re in the market for some of the city’s famous Hot Chicken. You can also check out Nashville’s more local and laid back Five Points neighborhood, where fun abounds. Oh, and if you’re looking for budget-friendly, Nashville is definitely one of the top picks on this list. 

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Denver, Colorado

This one might be a bit of a shocker to some of you, but to our loyal Denverites, we’re probably letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. Denver is a destination long known for its mountains, its excellent beer, and its incredibly good times. 

Whether you’re heading down in a winter party to catch some of the powder slope side, or heading out in the spring and summer months to enjoy some of the beautiful and picturesque nature views, it’s an excellent town with a lot going on. 

Brewery tours, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, an excellent bar and restaurant scene and residents who welcome tourists and want you to have a good time while your there all come together to make Denver hands-down one of our favorite vacation spots and bachelor party destinations. 

You’ve got cabaret joints and museums galore, which gives Denver just the right mix of class and trash to keep things interesting, while also keeping everyone out of handcuffs (hopefully). 

Austin, Texas

Austin isn’t just an awesome city of which to partake during SXSW; it’s a stellar destination with so much culture and liveliness that you’ll likely start planning your next — probably less boozy — trip back before you’ve even finished out bachelor weekend. 

What we love so much about Austin and why it ranks near the top of our list is that it has everything from excellent brunch spots, to a million concert venues, some great BBQ spots, a bunch of outdoor patio bars and even some more upscale places for the weekend warriors in the group. 

You can head on down to Wu Chow, the local farm-to-table Chinese restaurant in the city’s downtown, and then head east to Whisler’s, a low key cocktail and mezcal bar. For late night fun, you can head on over to 6th Street and party your faces off until dawn, wake up for brunch the next day, see a show at The Broken Spoke, etc. 

Wash, rinse and repeat until someone dies, and then go walk your buddy down the aisle — perhaps still a bit drunk.

Quick ProTip: Austin is definitely an AirBnB city. Stay away from the hotels out there, and do yourselves a favor and get buck in something like this. Hard swoon.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy is another one of those year ‘round party destinations that we can’t seem to get enough of. But be warned, gentlemen, that New Orleans is primarily about two things: Good booze, and good food. 

Bourbon Street is an obvious stand-out destination, lined with booze, boobs and all types of b-words that spell trouble for you and your goonsmen — we mean, groomsmen. Gambling is also still legal down there, which means you can get some craps in while your body digest all the po’ boys and five-dollar hurricanes you inhaled all day. 

Party stuff aside, New Orleans is also an incredibly beautiful and friendly city. There’s an exceptional amount of history and Southern charm down here, and we’d definitely consider it one of our favorites. 

Portland, Oregon

We know what you’re thinking: “Portland? Really?” Well, here’s a fun fact, Jack: Portland is home to the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the entire United States, which means if it’s fun and debauchery you seek, this hipster enclave is a literal dream. 

Portland also has an incredible microbrewery and craft beer scene, along with exceptional regional cuisine, some hopping (for PNW standards, at least) night life and close access to nature. 

If you guys want to take things up into the mountains for a couple days, Bend is a beautiful 3-hour drive South, where you’ll encounter what we can only call some of the most magical outdoor tranquility we’ve ever experienced. 

If you’re looking for a good blend of boozy fun and outdoorsmen activities, Portland is easily the best place in the entire country.

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