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5 Questions to Ask Your Barber

For some guys, going to the salon for a haircut is simply not an option. It’s either the barber or nothing at all, and for good reason. When you come across a skilled barber, you’ll never be able to trust your hair with anyone else again.

In recent times, more men have been ditching hair salons and going to the barber for all their hair-related needs. And if you’re new to the whole barbershop thing, you may need some guidance on how the whole system works. Here are some questions that you should be asking your barber.

1. What style can I recreate at home?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re unable to re-create that stylish hairdo that you wore the first day of your haircut? It’s something that happens to the best of us, and more often than not, it’s because we chose a haircut that was hard to style. What you really want is something that’s A hairstyle that allows you to hop out of the shower, quickly style your hair, and look* razor sharp* for the rest of the day. And if anyone knows how to help you find this a low maintenance haircut that looks great, it’s going to be your barber.

What haircut should I get?

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2. What cut suits me best?

As much as you want to walk in with a picture of your favorite celebrity so that you can ask your barber to recreate that hairstyle, try to resist the urge. We all have different faces and hair textures, so what may work for one person could look like an absolute train wreck on you. Instead, ask your barber what they think would work for you. People often forget that barbers are trained professionals who usually go to barbering school, so they know better than anybody about what does and doesn’t suit someone’s face.

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3. When should I get my next haircut?

If you want to keep your hairstyle looking fresh at all times, you’re going to need to come in for maintenance cuts. And if this is your first time with a certain hairstyle, you may not know exactly how long it’ll take before your hair grows out to the point that you start losing the shape and style of your hair. Your barber should be able to tell you when you should schedule your next trimming session.

4. How can this style work for me?

We’ve all come across a hairstyle that we really wanted but knew that it just wouldn’t work on us. Before ditching the style completely, ask your barber what they think. You’d be surprised how a skilled barber can make a few minor adjustments and – *voila – *you’re suddenly able to rock that hairstyle and look like a total boss.

5. What does that mean?

Barbers have their own terminology that they like to use when asking you questions about your haircut. Words like *taper, blocked, fade, *and *nape *are typically used when determining how exactly you want your hair cut. And if you don’t know what your barber is asking you and just nod in agreement, you might walk away with a style completely different than what you envisioned. If you don’t know what your barber is talking about, ask.

Be Descriptive about Your Hairstyle

Being vague is the quickest way that you can annoy your barber. Instead of saying you want a trim, be detailed in describing how you want your hair cut. Tell them how much hair you want cut from each part of your head and describe it to them in inches or centimeters.

Also, if you’ve ever walked out of the barbershop with a phenomenal haircut, make sure that you take a picture of it as soon as possible. That way, if you don’t know how to describe the same hairstyle in the future, you can show the barber and ask them to recreate it.

That’s the basics on how you should talk to a barber about your haircut. With that covered, you’re ready to move beyond those walk-in salons and get styled by someone with expert knowledge of men’s hair.

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